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2019 Johannesburg International Hotelware Exhibition, South Africa
Sep 13, 2018

2019 Johannesburg International Hotelware Exhibition, South Africa

Exhibition time: June 2019
Venue: Africa - South Africa - Johannesburg
Exhibition industry: hotelware
Organizing period: one year
Exhibition size: 10000-20000
The first session: 2017
Exhibition Hall: Gallagher Convention and Exhibition Center, Johannesburg, South Africa
Exhibition organizer: UK DMG Group

Melamine Dinnerware Molding Machine
Melamine Dinnerware Molding Machine

Exhibition introduction
THE HOTEL SHOW AFRICA was hosted by DMG and held at the GALLAGHER Exhibition Centre in South Africa in June:

The organizer is strong: the exhibition is hosted by the world's first-line exhibition giant DMG, United-South Africa Exhibition Services Ltd. (EMS). Founded in 1989, DMG hosts more than 80 exhibitions in more than 25 countries each year. The famous Five Series (The Big5) and The Hotel Show are the world's first-line exhibition giants.

The third exhibition was held in the same period: the South African Hotel Exhibition and the famous South African Food Exhibition and the South African Retail Trade Exhibition were held together with the exhibition hall, collectively known as the South African Food, Retail and Hotel Exhibition (100% HOSPITALITY). Food exhibitions and retail trade shows are very mature exhibitions, and are also associated with hotel exhibitions, which will surely bring more and more professional audiences. A must-see hotel industry feast to learn about the latest product trends, get the best resources, and share the latest ideas.
Melamine Crockery Molding Machine

One of the DMG hotel exhibition series, the exhibition is professional and the exhibition promotion is strong: after the successful launch of The Hotel Show Dubai, DMG invested a lot of money to launch the same series of exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and South Africa (The Hotel Show Saudi) Arabia and The Hotel Show Africa). The South Africa Hotel Exhibition is one of the series of exhibitions. The exhibition is highly professional and the exhibition promotion is strong.
Melamine Crockery Compress Machine
Market analysis
South Africa is a member of the BRIC countries. Its citizens have a high standard of living. The economy is relatively stable compared to other African countries and has great potential for economic development. In addition, the Chinese government is also strongly supporting the South African economy. At the 2nd China-Africa Cooperation Forum Summit, the 94 billion rand commercial agreement signed between China and South Africa will help South Africa lead China-Africa capacity cooperation and promote industrialization in Africa, and support the acceleration of the BRICS New Development Bank Africa Regional Center. Prepare for work and play an active role in the development of South Africa and African countries. South Africa is not only an important emerging economy but also a gateway to other African markets. The establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and South Africa has deepened the economic relationship between the two countries.
Melamine Ware Molding Machine

Due to its rich tourism resources and developed infrastructure, South Africa is one of the most popular destinations for the African continent. South Africa's Deputy Minister of Tourism Tabetti said that the hotel industry is likely to usher in growth opportunities. South Africa's tourism industry has broad prospects. The 5-in-5 tourism growth strategy led by the South African government aims to increase the number of tourists to South Africa by 2020, which has laid a good foundation for the development of the hotel industry. Based on the rich operational experience accumulated by South African hotels over the years, investing in or restructuring the African hotel market will be a promising market opportunity. In addition to local companies in South Africa, Hilton Hotels Group, Starwood Hotels Group, and Marriott International will also accelerate the layout of the African hospitality industry.
Melamine Tableware Molding Machine

Past review
Exhibition area: more than 5,000 square meters (three exhibitions total 20,000 square meters)

Number of exhibitors: 588 exhibitors (three exhibitions)

Number of visitors: 14,788 people (three exhibitions)

Range of exhibition
1, kitchen and bathroom categories: bathroom supplies, toiletries, tablecloths, bath towels;

2, interior design, decoration and lighting categories: furniture and decoration, art and decorative accessories, curtains, bedding and mattresses, bedroom supplies, upholstery, fabrics, flooring, carpets, wall coatings, lighting, interior decoration companies, construction Design services, fixed landscapes and equipment;

3, tableware and catering services: banquet containers, ceramics, tableware, pottery, glassware, crystal ware, tableware, refrigeration and related equipment, room service equipment, mini bar, etc.;

4, hotel and supplies technology and security categories: customer facilities, home repair, equipment supplies and services, internal entertainment systems and services, Internet applications / e-commerce / network solutions, financial / accounting inventory settlement and control systems, reservation systems, Security system equipment, telecommunications systems, services and equipment, audiovisual/video conferencing/nylon/audio systems, computer hardware and software, fire and security systems, management systems/technical support, in-room safes, etc.;
Melamine Ware Molding Machine

5, cleaning and laundry: tableware butler equipment and services, cleaning washing machines / laundry equipment and products;

6, outdoor furniture, swimming pools and spa supplies: fitness, health clubs, spa equipment and products, outdoor sports equipment, outdoor furniture, furnishings and accessories, water features, statues, landscapes, tents / grilles / canopies;

7. Hotel food and beverages: food additives, canned foods, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, marine foods, baked goods, confectionery and confectionery processing technology, frozen foods, frozen foods, dairy products, coffee and tea, meat products, Poultry food, halal food, specialty food and fine food;

8, other categories: clothing, uniforms, signs, luggage carts, vehicles, buses / cars / vans / limousines, advertising souvenirs, gifts, retail and other hotel-related products and services.

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