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Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware
Apr 05, 2020
Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware

1) What is melamine tableware

Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as 100% melamine or A5 material) according to the size of the tableware, after making cakes, coloring (according to the design style needs), high-temperature compression molding, glazing, heat preservation, polishing ( It is made by several procedures such as removing burrs) and inspection packaging. Its appearance and feel are generally the same as porcelain, and it is difficult to distinguish it without careful observation. Therefore, it is also called imitation porcelain tableware and melamine. It is one of the food packaging containers commonly used at home and abroad.

Qualified melamine tableware physical and chemical indicators should meet the requirements of compulsory standards such as GB9690-88, QB1999-94, with stable performance (normal use, non-toxic and odorless), acid and alkali resistance (free formaldehyde content and melamine migration, etc. meet the standard requirements) , Flat surface, high hardness and impact strength (fall resistance, not easy to break), can automatically extinguish the arc and other characteristics.

Melamine powder is made of melamine melamine formaldehyde resin as the main raw material, mixed with appropriate amount of pulp cellulose filler.

 2) Does the melamine meal have hidden dangers of quality and safety?

1. Qualified melamine tableware.
Qualified melamine tableware is safe to use under normal circumstances.

Due to the above-mentioned physical and chemical characteristics of melamine tableware, coupled with its price advantage, melamine tableware has a wide range of applications in tableware, daily necessities, etc. Common applications are mainly in infant tableware (fear of breaking), and some chain restaurants Price, easy to order, decals plus gold coloring form the inherent characteristics of the enterprise), such as Zhangzhou's Yonghe soy milk, foreign fast food, porridge restaurant tray, etc. are all using melamine tableware.
Melamine Dinnerware Mold
After using melamine tableware for a period of time, it will be affected by the erosion of acids, alkalis, fats, alcohols, etc., physical wear, and long-term heating. The surface of the tableware (that is, the glaze is actually the same as the glaze principle of porcelain) It is easy to form a layer of brown spots, which affects the appearance of tableware. If you are careful, this will also happen with our porcelain tableware for a while, and it is still safe under normal use. However, after all, it is not very beautiful, you can consider replacing it.

The so-called normal use of melamine tableware refers to: a normal diet, heat-resistant 120 ℃, can not be fire-roasted, containing some highly corrosive items (caustic acids such as common trees in life are very corrosive).

2. Fake melamine tableware.

The so-called inferior refers to unqualified products produced using melamine powder; the so-called pseudo refers to the use of urea resin tableware as melamine tableware. Due to the simple production process of melamine tableware, the small scale of the enterprise, mold, equipment, workers and other aspects have also caused many unqualified melamine tableware to enter the market (the so-called inferior). However, there are more "pseudo" than "poor" common in the market, that is, urea resin tableware is used to pretend to be melamine tableware.

In fact, the main reason for the price of urea resin tableware posing as melamine tableware is the price factor. The production process and process of the two are basically the same as above, the difference lies in the raw materials. The main raw material of melamine tableware is melamine powder, which is the melamine melamine formaldehyde produced by the reaction of melamine and formaldehyde; the main raw material of urea resin tableware, commonly known as A1 powder, is urea resin produced by the reaction of urea and formaldehyde. The core difference between the two is whether to use melamine or urea to synthesize with formaldehyde. The price of melamine is higher than that of urea, and its molecular weight is also larger than that of urea. The synthetic A5 powder is more stable than A1 powder. This is a bit like the difference between glue used for home decoration or construction. The good or bad is whether or not melamine is incorporated into it.

From the above, we can see that due to the different raw materials used for the authentic melamine tableware, the molecular structure of the product is different, and the performance of the authentic melamine tableware is also not different: ① different strength, "true" is more powerful than "false" Strong; ②Different adsorption, "True" is easier to clean than "False"; ③Different heat resistance, "True" can withstand 120 ℃, "False" can only withstand about 80 ℃; ④Different color fastness, "True" "Less than" pseudo "is easier to leg color, discoloration; ⑤ Hygienic performance is different," true "can reach the standard of edible tableware," pseudo "is not edible tableware, can not be used as a container directly in contact with food.

The harm of fake and inferior melamine tableware lies in its instability, the free formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it may cause cancer for a long time, and cause chronic harm to health.
Melamine Crockery Mold
 3) How to buy qualified melamine tableware

It can be seen from the above that the cost of authentic melamine tableware is different. Therefore, it is first reflected in the price.

Choose tableware in this area, especially for children's tableware (we usually choose to use tableware that can't be touched because we want to train children to eat independently). It is recommended to go to big shopping malls and buy products with higher prices. Judging from the senses, it can be touched by hand-smooth, like porcelain; by sight-smooth, no burrs, no spots; nose smell-no pungent odor, feel fresh. In addition, the printing and packaging of tableware produced by regular companies are generally clearer. Pay special attention to three points: whether the factory name and address, the barcode are clear, and whether the QS logo is printed.

There are two simple methods for reference. ① Transfer the tableware to be tested in the microwave for 5 minutes (the real melamine tableware is not suitable for the microwave oven), it can be distinguished according to the appearance change of the tableware: only the local blackening is the melamine tableware; with a crackling sound, the product White bubble spots appear on the surface, and the pungent smell is urethane resin tableware; ② light a cigarette, suck a bite, put the burning cigarette butt on the tableware to be checked, and do not extinguish it, you can blow it , About half a cigarette, remove the soot, wipe the smoke marks, according to the wiping situation to distinguish the authenticity, good or bad, high-quality melamine tableware, wipe clean, no mark on the glaze, common can see urea resin tableware Mottled example of ashtray made of ashtray.

4) Investigation and handling of fake and inferior melamine tableware

The state implements production license management for melamine tableware. Starting from January 1, 2008, melamine tableware that has not obtained an industrial product production license shall not be produced, sold, or used in business. According to Article 2 of the new "Food Safety Law" adopted by the Seventh Session of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress, "packaging materials, containers, detergents, disinfectants for food and tools and equipment for food production and operation "Production and management", which belongs to the adjustment scope of the National "Food Safety Law", must comply with the provisions of this law.

Simply put, melamine tableware is included in the production license management catalog, and the product must be affixed with the QS logo before it can be sold.

It should also be noted that the production license is for production and sales operations in China. The export of melamine tableware is not required, but should be qualified in commodity inspection and meet the regulations of the importing region. It is understood that the production of melamine tableware in Quanzhou, Guangdong and Jiangsu is the majority, and many are export enterprises. Therefore, what the media said was almost unproven throughout the country, although it is true, but some of them have other origins and are not generalized.

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