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Precautions and cleaning of melamine tableware
Apr 05, 2020
Precautions and cleaning of melamine tableware

1. Main ingredients of melamine tableware raw materials:

100% melamine (domestically called A5 material)
The main components of A5 are Melamine-formaldehyde resin (Melamine-formaldehyde resin) about 75%, pulp (Additlves) about 20% and additives (A-cellulose) about 5%; ring polymer structure.

1), heat resistance:
Melamine resin tableware has good thermal stability, temperature resistance up to 120 degrees, does not decompose formaldehyde, is harmless to humans, meets food hygiene standards, has strong resistance to taste, and does not easily leave the taste of food. Good thermal insulation, not fragile, suitable for supporting dishwashers.

2). Common sense of melamine tableware (notes):

1. Although melamine tableware is not fragile, it is still relatively easy to damage such as divided fast food trays and special shape (complex shape) tableware, so please pay attention to storage and cleaning.

2. It is strictly forbidden to put it directly on the fire to bake. Do not use it in the microwave or oven.

3. It is strictly forbidden to cook, and micro cracks will appear for up to three months.

4. Disable bleach and strong chemically corrosive cleaning products. High concentration will erode the surface of the tableware, make the tableware yellow and affect the service life of the tableware.
Melamine Crockery Moulds
5. Do not scrub with hard objects such as steel balls to prevent the deposition of stains after the surface is scratched. It is advisable to use tableware cleaner with soft gauze to scrub.

6. Normal use temperature -30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, strive to be heated evenly during use and disinfection, steam disinfection time should not exceed 5 minutes, pressure should not exceed 0.5kgf / cm, when using electronic disinfection cabinet, tableware should not be near the heating tube, Suitable for disinfection in dishwashers, ultraviolet and ozone disinfection cabinets.

7. When using the dishwasher for cleaning and disinfection, avoid strong collisions between the cutlery to avoid damage. The melamine chopsticks are best not cleaned by the dishwasher.

8. During daily use, pay attention to avoid excessively severe impacts on the tableware, or even cutouts on the edge of the tableware or small cracks that are not easy to be found. If they are used again, they will easily explode if exposed to high temperatures (especially melamine cups).

9. In the case of stains on the surface of the tableware, soak it with a special stain removal powder for melamine tableware, it will be as bright as new after washing

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Melalmine Dinnerware Moulds

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