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The advantages and disadvantages of melamine tableware
Apr 05, 2020

The advantages and disadvantages of melamine tableware

In daily life, there are many meals used. Tableware is divided into ceramic tableware, bone china tableware, melamine tableware, etc. according to the classification. The first two are commonly used, and many of the latter will be unfamiliar. What are the advantages and disadvantages of melamine tableware? , Xiaobian believes that after fully understanding, it will be of great help to the hotel when purchasing melamine tableware.

Melamine tableware is a popular tableware. It belongs to a kind of imitation porcelain tableware. It is mainly known as scientific porcelain tableware, imitation porcelain tableware and melamine tableware. It has the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless, lightweight, beautiful, not easy to age! Melamine tableware is widely used in fast food, children's catering and high-end catering!

Melamine Dinnerware Molds

Melamine tableware advantages Melamine tableware is safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless, safe to use; effective defense against the corrosiveness of various solvents such as grease, acid, alkali and so on! Melamine tableware has good temperature resistance, the best performance between -20 ℃ ~ + 110 ℃.

In melamine tableware, its weight is very light, with a slight moderate weight! The surface can be printed with exquisite and bright format patterns, the coloring effect can ensure the glossiness of the tableware, and it is not easy to produce peeling!

Melamine tableware has a very good texture, comparable to traditional ceramic tableware, and its thermal conductivity is relatively low. Even if consumers use it to hold high-heat food, they can easily hold the melamine tableware without being burnt!

Disadvantages of melamine tableware After a long time of heat, acid and alkali, the surface of the melamine tableware will have a layer of brown marks on it, which will seriously affect the appearance!

Melamine Tableware Molds

Precautions for the use of melamine tableware Do not grill with fire or approach the fire; please avoid impact or rapid temperature changes under hot conditions to avoid cracking; do not apply strong impact to avoid cracking or damage. Do not use products with broken or cracked edges. Do not place in hot iron plate or soup pot to keep warm.

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