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Introduction1 of 136H steel For Melamine Tableware Mold
Apr 04, 2020
Introduction1 of 136H steel For Melamine Tableware Mold
1. Excellent corrosion resistance
S136 round steel
S136 round steel
2. Excellent optical rotation
3. Excellent wear resistance
4. Excellent machinability
5. Excellent stability during quenching
6. Perfect sales volume is the only condition to stabilize manufacturers' confidence

1. When the mold is operated or stored in a humid environment, no special protection is required.
2. Lower production cost
Since the mold cooling water channel is not affected by corrosion (unlike ordinary mold steel), the heat conduction characteristics and cooling efficiency are kept stable during the life of the mold, ensuring a constant and constant forming time of the mold. STAVAX ESR (S-136) is recommended for all molds, because of its special properties, it is more suitable for the needs of special environments.
Melamine Spoon Mold
3. Corrosion and rust resistance. The use of corrosive PVC, acetate and other injection molding materials or molds that must be operated and stored in a humid environment.
4. Abrasion resistance When using injection molding materials that are more abrasive (including thermosetting injection molding dies) or require molds to have a longer working time, such as electronic parts, disposable table knives, utensils, etc.

5. Produce optical products with high smoothness, such as cameras, sunglasses, chemical instruments and plastic products,Melamine Tableware,Melamine Crockery,Melamine Dinnerware.
Types of steel: plastic
Steel features: excellent polishing performance and good corrosion resistance.

Factory state: HB215

we use S136H steel For our Melamine Tableware Mold,if you need any Melamine Tableware Mold ,please contact with me .

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