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  • 2020/10/09 Shunhao moulds factory
    Shunhao moulds factory

    Shunhao moulds factory can make molds: 1. Melamine crockery moulds 2. Urea crockery moulds 3. Glossy melamine moulds 4. Matt finished melamine moulds ...

  • 2020-04-01 China Government interviewed with Shunhao
    China Government interviewed with Shunhao

    Shunhao factory has been serving the machines and molds to melamine tableware factories, urea tableware factories, UF toilet seat and cover factories ...

  • 2020/04/08 Rice husk tableware
    Rice husk tableware

    Rice husk tableware Introduction: Rice husk tableware is to regenerate this discarded rice husk into natural, healthy and free of any harmful chemical...

  • 2020/04/05 Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware
    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware

    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware 1) What is melamine tableware Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as...

2019 Tokyo International Hotelware and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as: Japan Hotel Exhibition)
Nov 08, 2018
2019 Tokyo International Hotelware and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as: Japan Hotel Exhibition)

+Japan Hotel Equipment Exhibition Time: February 19-22, 2019

+Japan Hotel Equipment Exhibition Period: One session per year (February)

+Tokyo Hotel Equipment Exhibition Venue: Tokyo International Ariake Exhibition Hall

+Tokyo Hotel Supplies Exhibition Organizer: Tokyo Hotel Industry Association, Japan

[Economics of the place]
Japan is a highly developed modern country. Its resources are scarce and extremely dependent on imports, and highly developed manufacturing is the mainstay of its national economy. In order to welcome the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, new hotels in Tokyo and Osaka will be opened from 2016 to 2020. Tokyo will add 60 hotels and 13,000 rooms. Osaka will add 14 hotels and 3,000 rooms.
Auto Melamine Dinnerware Compress Machine
In addition, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in 2015 reached 13.41 million, and it is expected to reach 16.52 million in 15 years. The number of foreign tourists visiting the 2020 Olympic Games is expected to exceed 20 million. According to Japanese customs statistics, from January to June 2016, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Japan and China reached US$128.83 billion. Among them, Japan’s exports to China were US$52.95 billion, accounting for 17.1% of Japan’s total exports, which was basically the same as the same period of the previous year; imports from China were US$75.88 billion, accounting for 25.9% of Japan’s total imports, an increase of 2.0 percentage points. The trade deficit between Japan and China is US$22.94 billion. As of June, China is Japan's second largest export trading partner and the largest import trading partner.

[Japan Hotel Equipment Supplies Exhibition]
The Japan Hotel Supplies and Catering Equipment Exhibition is the largest hotel and catering industry in Japan. It is also a prestigious brand exhibition. It enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has become an annual event not to be missed. The exhibition aims to showcase high-tech products and lead the development trend of high-quality life. HCJ, which integrates products, technology, trade, e-commerce and media, focuses on star-rated hotels, resorts and hotel management groups, commercial catering, coffee shops, bars, baking rooms, large chain stores, etc. A platform for solutions and professional partners to achieve efficient interaction between the supply and demand sides.

The Japan Hotelware and Catering Equipment Exhibition has been held every year since 1972, and it has three professional exhibitions: “International Catering Industry Exhibition”, “International Kitchenware Exhibition” and “International Kitchenware Exhibition”. The annual exhibition will attract luxury hotels, high-end resorts, hotel chains, high-end restaurants, brand chain restaurants, real estate developers and contractors, large shopping malls, airlines and airports to purchase and visit. The exhibition has become the best place for exhibitors and industry buyers to expand business opportunities. 850 exhibitors and 55,000 industry visitors attended the exhibition, and the exhibition scale was 2000 booths, which was highly praised by the industry.
Auto Melamine Crockery Compress Machine
[2019 Japan Tokyo Hotel Exhibition Exhibits Range]
1. Kitchen catering equipment supplies 2 hotel furniture 3 tableware supplies 4 rooms, supporting electrical appliances, titanium and lobby supplies 5 cleaning and laundry equipment 6 textile fabrics, uniforms 7 coffee and tea, food 8 hotels, catering series software, POS terminal display system , hotel conference, entertainment, monitoring system, sensor series, sports smart equipment, media, etc.
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