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2Color Melamine Dinnerware Mould Made In China

My company produces this special two-color mold, the quality is very good, the workers operation is simple, low defective rate, so that clients can get real benefits
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    Made In China
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    Xiamen International Airport/Seaport
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Shun Hao mold is  specializing in the production of melamine tableware mold, toilet cover mold, chopsticks mold, lamp mold, socket mold, bathtub mold, have a first-class technical team and design team, to provide customers with high-quality mold to improve the production efficiency and economy benefit.
My company is not only providing molds and machines, but more importantly for the guests to provide technical support, from decal paper-molding-polishing-the packaging, so that my company with the guests no worries.
2Color Melamine Dinnerware Mould for Melamine plates, bowls, mugs, cups, spoons, chopstics, serving trays, dinner sets, hotelware, kitchen ware, kids' items
Suitable materials: melamine moulding compound, bakelite powder, urea moulding compound
Mold material: P20 # / 718 # / S136 / NAK80
Mold surface: bright or matte
Mold structure: split or Siamese
Positioning ring width: 15MM
Edge width: 15MM
Trademark: Customization
Electroplating hardness: 60 degrees
Surface treatment: mirror treatment
Material Size: Customized
Product shape specifications: custom
2Color Melamine MouldTwo Color Melamine Mould
Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad calls, to mail, we will reply as soon as possible
Melamine MouldMelamine Crockery MouldMelamine Dinnerware MouldMelamine Tableware Mould
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    Presice machines, Experienced working team, clean factory quality, to make Melamine Tableware Mould.
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    Making variety of Melamine Compression Mould, Melamine Tableware Molding Machines, UF toilet seat cover pressing machine.
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    Quality guranteed for Melamine mould and Melamine tableware molding machines and equipements from Shunhao Factory.

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