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Bangkok International Food & Hotelware Exhibition, Thailand
Sep 06, 2018

Bangkok International Food & Hotelware Exhibition, Thailand

Exhibition time: September 5-8, 2018

Venue: Asia - Thailand - Bangkok
Exhibition industry: hotelware
Organizing period: one year
Exhibition size: 10000-20000
Exhibition Hall: Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center, Thailand
Melamine Crocekry Molding Machine Plant

Melamine Crocekry Moldin Machine Plant

Exhibition introduction
Bangkok International Food & Hotel Supplies Fair FHT is the leading international trade fair for food and hospitality in Thailand and the region. FHT has achieved a good track record for 25 years, providing new products and services from the world's best companies and providing business for exhibitors.

The International Food & Hospitality Show is strongly supported by major industry associations in Thailand and the region, and also includes leading industry conferences and events. Together with FHT's marketing and news events, organize associations and organize events to ensure that the Bangkok International Food & Hospitality Show in Bangkok consistently offers hotels, restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, chefs, sommeliers, coffee High quality and high number of professional audiences.
Melamine Dinnerware Molding Machine Plant

Melamine Dinnerware Molding Machine Plant
Market analysis

The Thai Food Industry Institute pointed out that the food market continues to grow because Thai food is in short supply and needs to import a variety of foods from abroad to meet market demand. The main imported foods are subdivided into five categories, the first category is fishery products such as frozen fish and tuna fish; the second category is edible oils such as palm oil and pure palm oil; the third category is tea, coffee and cocoa. Classes such as cocoa beans and cocoa powder; category 4 are meat products; category 5 are flour products such as muffins. The main export foods are subdivided into five categories, the first category is sugar and honey, such as raw sugar and sugar; the second category is rice and grain, such as 15% glutinous rice, glutinous rice, etc.; the third category is flour and starch. Such as tapioca starch; the fourth category is fruit, such as fresh longan and durian; the fifth category is vegetables, such as small onions.

Melamine Tableware Molding Machine Plant
Melamine Tableware Molding Machine Plant
At present, Thailand's economic growth rate is 6.1%, with a population of more than 243 million people, of which 85.2% believe in Islam, so exporters should increase their emphasis on halal food. As the food market continues to grow, but domestic food production cannot meet the country's domestic food consumption, it is necessary to import a variety of foods from other countries, especially meat, wheat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. According to statistics from the Thai Customs, from January to September 2017, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Thailand and China was US$54.14 billion, an increase of 13%. Among them, Thailand's exports to China were 21.33 billion US dollars, up 28.7%, accounting for 12.2% of Thailand's total exports; imports from China were 32.81 billion US dollars, up 4.7%, accounting for 19.9% of Thailand's total imports. The Thai trade deficit was 11.48 billion US dollars, down 22.3%. As of September, China is Thailand's largest export market and the largest source of imports, and is Thailand's largest trading partner.
Melamine Ware Molding Machine Plant

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