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Before using melamine tableware, don't forget to put in water and cook with vinegar.
Dec 30, 2018

Before using melamine tableware, don't forget to put in water and cook with vinegar.

Yangzi Evening News Network September 13 (Reporter Xue Ling) Lightweight, beautiful, non-breakable melamine tableware is being used more and more, but unqualified melamine tableware will also pose a safety risk. The Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued the spot check results of melamine plastic tableware on September 13. This time, a total of 46 batches of melamine tableware were sampled, and 35 batches were qualified, with a pass rate of 76.1%.

Beware of product discoloration The unqualified items found in this spot check include six indicators including pollution resistance, total migration, potassium permanganate consumption, decolorization test, total migration (in terms of formaldehyde), and melamine migration. . During the spot check, it was found that the pollution resistance items of 6 batches of products were unqualified. The quality inspection experts said that the project was unqualified, and it was easy to infiltrate soy sauce and vinegar during use, and it was difficult to remove. In this spot check, it was also found that the decolorization test items of the two batches of products were unqualified, and there was a risk that the plastic colorant dissolved in the food was ingested by the human body during use.

auto melamine crockery compress machine

Unsatisfactory migration of melamine In this spot check, the melamine migration project of two batches of products was found to be unqualified. The national standard stipulated that the limit of melamine migration was 2.5 mg/kg, and the measured values of these two batches were 3 mg/kg, respectively. 8.1 mg/kg. In addition, the national standard has separately stipulated the melamine migration of melamine tableware in contact with infant food, the limit is 1mg/kg. In this spot check, the “4.8 ears” produced by the “Zhejiang Yunlong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.” "Children's Bowl" and the "Little Bear Children's Spoon" produced by the "Zhejiang Hill Household Products Co., Ltd." do not meet this requirement. The measured values of the melamine migration project are 2mg/kg and 3mg/kg, respectively.

Consumer Advice "" when looking for QS mark quality inspection experts to remind consumers, when purchasing melamine tableware should give priority to the choice of smooth, dense, good gloss, no scratches of 100% melamine material, its quality Safety is more reliable than tableware made of urea-formaldehyde resin + positive surface melamine powder. In addition, it is best not to choose dishes that are too dark, too bright, two-tone or decal. Most of the bottoms of melamine plastic tableware are affixed with product certification, printed with the manufacturer's name, address and telephone number, and indicate the main components, properties and applicable temperature range of the product, and some clearly indicate the product shelf life and "prohibited Put it in the microwave to heat it up.

auto melamine dinnerware compress machine

Before using the melamine plastic tableware before use, it should be boiled in boiling water for two or three minutes, or soaked in vinegar for two hours at room temperature to allow harmful substances to be released as much as possible before normal use. When using, avoid using acidic substances such as cola, vinegar, etc., and avoid prolonged use under high temperature conditions. The melamine plastic tableware should be cooled and heated at -30 ° C to 120 ° C. It should not be heated in a microwave oven. Because the amount of harmful chemicals released from melamine plastic tableware increases with increasing temperature and time. In addition, do not wipe the melamine plastic tableware with a cleaning ball, or use a strong acid and alkali detergent such as decontamination powder to clean the tableware. These will damage the film on the surface of the melamine plastic tableware, resulting in the exposure of urea-formaldehyde resin. Layer material, which is harmful to health.

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