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Expo Plast Peru-2019
Feb 10, 2019

Lima International Plastics Industry Exhibition, Peru

One of the famous plastics industry exhibitions in Peru and the surrounding area!

Date of hosting: May 2020

Venue: South America - Peru - Lima

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Holding period: two years

Exhibition size: 10000-20000

The first session: 2005

Exhibition introduction

One of the famous plastics industry exhibitions in Peru and surrounding areas

Expo Plast Peru was held at the Costa Verde Exhibition Center in May 2020, which is held every two years. Organized by GrupoG-TradeS.AC, the exhibition is strongly supported by the Peruvian Plastics Industry Alliance and the National Plastics Industry Association of Peru. It is one of the most important exhibitions for companies entering the plastics industry and related industries in the South and South America. The plastics industry in South America offers a unique communication platform.

According to statistics released by the exhibition authorities, the exhibition area of 18,000 square meters in 2016, a total of 350 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions in the world and 30,000 professional visitors from 18 countries around the world visited this event. . In 2020, the exhibition will be a grand event in the plastics industry. Famous exhibitors from all over the world will be invited to participate in the exhibition, which will once again set off a trade frenzy in the global plastics industry. During the four-day exhibition, exhibitors will showcase the latest plastic industrial machinery equipment, spare parts, raw materials, plastic products, etc. to the guests and customers, and fully experience the development trend of global plastics industry trade, and appreciate the latest global industry technology and exchanges. With rich industry experience, we plan the blueprint for future development and open up the most promising market development prospects. It is an exhibition that cannot be missed by plastics industry enterprises.

Auto Melamine Crockery Moulding Machine

Market analysis

Peru, a country in western South America, bordering Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is a member of the Union of South American Nations and a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. Peru is rich in mineral resources, convenient transportation and political stability. It is an ideal investment place for companies from all over the world to compete in recent years. In recent years, Peru’s economy has developed rapidly. The World Bank (BM) pointed out in the latest 2018 Latin America prospect report that thanks to Peru’s national macroeconomic regulation and control and a good international environment, consensus forecast data show that Peru’s economic growth rate is 2017. 2.7%, 3.5% in 2018. Peru is at the forefront of Latin America's economic growth rankings. Peru is one of China's important trading partners and major investment destinations in Latin America. The economic and trade relations between the two countries have developed rapidly.

According to the statistics of the Peruvian Customs, from January to October 2017, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between China and Peru was US$16.36 billion. Among them, Peru exported 9.10 billion US dollars to China, accounting for 26.3% of Peru's total exports; Peru imported 7.26 billion US dollars from China, accounting for 22.1% of Peru's total imports. As of October, China is Peru's largest export market and the largest source of imports. With the rapid development of economic and trade relations between the two countries, more and more Chinese companies have begun to focus on Peru, which has become the best economic development in Latin America in the past 10 years.

Past review

Exhibition area: 18,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 350 exhibitors

Number of viewers: 30,000

exhibition criteria

1. Raw materials, chemicals and additives, plastic packaging machinery and technology, equipment and services, machinery and equipment pretreatment, recycling machinery and equipment processing, printing and marking, welding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, measurement, control and test equipment , parts, semi-finished products, technical components and reinforced plastics, plastic products, etc.

2, plastic machinery and equipment, rubber machinery and equipment, rubber and plastic processing quality testing equipment and equipment, rubber and plastics processing chemical raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials, rubber and plastic processing molds and accessories, rubber and plastic products, plastic packaging machinery and Accessories, molding machines, molding machine parts, auxiliary equipment, plastic rubber processing, recycling equipment, welding technology equipment, production equipment, testing equipment, molds, semi-finished and finished products, plastic recycling equipment, workshop equipment and instruments, business services and media , OEM foundry services, etc.

3. Materials: raw materials, paints, colorants, plastic additives and auxiliary agents, plastic synthetic materials, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials, rubber and plastic products, rubber and plastics processing molds and accessories, chemical raw materials for rubber and plastics processing, Additives and auxiliary materials.

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