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High Quality Melamine Tableware Mould for Hotelware

High Quality Melamine Tableware Mould for Hotelware

1:Model NO-SH-0967

2:Application-home use

3:Material: Hard Alloy and Steel Bonded Carbide

4:Processing Method: Forming Mould

5:Technics: Forming Die

6:Process Combination: Progressive Die

7:Manufacturing Technology: Automation Technology

8:Driving Motor Type: Permanent Magnet

9:Mold Cavity Technology: CNC Milling

10:Milling Speed: Normal Speed

11:Parts Detection Method: Measurement of Three Axis NC

12:Trademark: OEM

13:Transport Package: Wooden Box

14:Specification: High Quality Steel

15:Origin: China

16:HS Code: 84807190

17:Mold size:310*220*90mm

18:weigh of mould:140kgs

19:surface of the mold:mirro polishing and hard chrome

Matte finish melamine mould

SHUNHAO Mould Advantage:

1. Huge capacity for packaged projects.

2. Dedicated teams for each project to ensure quick response to any problem.

3. SHUNHAO Mould equipments to serve the whole process from machining to inspection to mold trials.

4. Professional personnel “know-how” to serve client’s best interests: Mold runs dimensionally precise

and high efficiency, stably and easy maintenance

5. Worldwide supplier chain aligned for specified steel, copper, standard components and technologies…

6. Experienced in engineering plastics, hot runner system, over molded, gear, multi-cavity, transparent…

7. Very clean parting line and high quality polish skill.

Matte finish melamine crockery mold

Melamine matte finish mould

Why customers choose our SHUNHAO Mould?

1. Design experience for many years,and SHUNHAO Mould professional design team.

2. The strength of production capacity of SHUNHAO Mould can supply 5000 sets per year and delivery on time.

3. Good quality of SHUNHAO Mould and plastic parts and good after service for long-term cooperation relationship.

4. Good cuminication skills and good service with customers, sechedule are made upon kickoff and updated weekly to ensure on time delivery and weekly reports with detaild photos are sent to customers for monitoring from our SHUNHAO Mould.

5.SHUNHAO Mould not only supply melamine mold and aslo give full technology support.

Matte finish melamine die

We are melamine mould manufacture factory and can supply all kinds of melamine dinnerware mould. Such as melamine tray, bowl, plate, spoon, fork, mug, cup, ashtray,and also we can make design for your demand.

more information at http://www.melaminemould.com/melamine-tableware-moulds-glossy_c2

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High Quality Melamine Tableware Mould for Hotelware

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