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Imitation porcelain tableware to buy skills
Oct 17, 2017

Imitation porcelain tableware, is a kind of resin for the production of raw materials similar to the appearance of porcelain tableware, porcelain than porcelain solid, not fragile, and bright color, finish strong, very popular with children.

1: look tableware appearance
The use of regular materials produced by qualified porcelain tableware appearance smooth, smooth. Therefore, the purchase depends on whether the appearance of tableware has obvious deformation and color. If there is a significant deformation and color, indicating that the quality of tableware may be a problem, try to avoid buying. Second, look at the surface of the tableware, the surface and the bottom of the tableware work well. Also look at the tableware printing, decals pattern, do not choose the pattern of wrinkled or bubble from the tableware.
Melamine Dinnerware Mould2: wipe with a paper towel
Children's Porcelain Tableware most of the more bright colors, patterns rich, this kind of tableware in the purchase, in addition to pay attention to the surface of the flat, you can also personally wipe it. You can use a white napkin back and forth to wipe the color of the tableware to see if the tableware has faded and so on.

Melamine Crokcery Mould
3: smell
Qualified Porcelain Tableware is no taste, in the purchase of utensils when the smell of tableware carefully, there is a clear smell must not choose. Buy home utensils do not immediately put into use, it is best to use water to boil, and then smell the smell, if there is pungent smell appears, do not use.

Melamine Tableware Mould

4: Select light-colored cutlery
In the purchase of cutlery, to the regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy, but also to see color purchase. Children use tableware should try to choose light, color relative to a single melamine tableware.

5: Look for QS logo
Formal production enterprises in the bottom of the product are enterprise details and QS logo and product number, in the purchase must look at the QS logo, look for raw materials. If there is no chemical symbol or abbreviation on the logo, ask the relevant clerk or their own inquiries clearly. UF on behalf of urea-formaldehyde resin, such a tableware do not buy. Do not buy QS logo and product information tableware do not buy. Recommended purchase as much as possible to choose the supermarket to buy and invoice, or ask the dealer for the ticket, such as product quality problems, easy to trace.

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