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Melamine Crockery Auto Grinding Machine From China

This machine can grinding roud and other shape product
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Melamine Crockery Auto Grinding Machine From China

1:The machine grinds the burr automatically since it can judge the burr shape depends on the shape size of the tableware

2:It is able to adjust the grinding speed and depth according to the burr  thickness

3:Rough grinder head make of high quality carborumdum and can repeatedly grinding more than ten thousands piece tableware products
Mf Dinnerware Auto polishing Machine
4:Fine grinder head adopt flexible design,polishing the rough surface  and sharp angle after rough grinding,to achieve the effect of zero burrs

5:Buffing wheel use polishing cloth wheel,which can set the rotate speed and times depend on customers requirements to achieve the polishing quality.

6:The position and height of the head can be set,all the head can be used perfectly since the can adjust the head position automatically when grinding

7:Stacked placement for delivering and receiving material,drastically reduce the personnel operation time.
Melamine Crockery Auto Grinding Machine
8:The Machine can grind such as circle,ellipse,polygon and special shape tableware

9: Automatic edging machine technical parameters:
Weight: 2.6TON
Volume: L3*W1.5*H2.2METER
Total power: 5KW
Electricity per hour: 0.3 kW
Working voltage: AC220V 50HZ
10: Edge size:
Maximum: 60CM
Minimum: 10CM
UF Tableware Auto Polishing Machine
11:Deliver Material
Stacked placement  and manipulator auto-fetch the material to conveyer belt,Drastically reduce the personal operation time,the maximum quantity is 230pieces.

12:Rough Grinding
1)   Can grind polygon products.
2)   Adjust the grinding speed and depth according to the burr thickness
3)   5seconds can grind one circle product as usual
4)   8seconds can grind one special shape product as usual

3:Fine Grinding
1)   Flexible grinding,polishing surface after rough grinding.
2)   Reducing surface roughness,and round comers the acute angle after rough grinding.
3)   5seconds can grind one circle product as usual.
4)   8seconds can grind one special shape product as usual.
Uf Crockery Auto Grinding Machine
1)   Buffing,for polishing surface after find grinding
2)   Automatically setting waxing time,auto alarm when no wax.
3)   5seconds can grind one circle product as usual
Melamine Dinnerware Auto Grinding MachineMelamine Dinnerware Auto Grinding Machine

1)   Adjustable design,that the size and width can be adjusted according to products.
2)   Suitable for diameter 20mm-600mm
6:Receiving the materials
1)   After grinding,the manipulator collects the product and then stacking placement.
2)   The maximum collect quantity is about 500pcs

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