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  • 2020/10/09 Shunhao moulds factory
    Shunhao moulds factory

    Shunhao moulds factory can make molds: 1. Melamine crockery moulds 2. Urea crockery moulds 3. Glossy melamine moulds 4. Matt finished melamine moulds ...

  • 2020-04-01 China Government interviewed with Shunhao
    China Government interviewed with Shunhao

    Shunhao factory has been serving the machines and molds to melamine tableware factories, urea tableware factories, UF toilet seat and cover factories ...

  • 2020/04/08 Rice husk tableware
    Rice husk tableware

    Rice husk tableware Introduction: Rice husk tableware is to regenerate this discarded rice husk into natural, healthy and free of any harmful chemical...

  • 2020/04/05 Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware
    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware

    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware 1) What is melamine tableware Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as...

Melamine tableware clean magic weapon to stain agent
Nov 01, 2017

What is the stain Of course, is a melamine products for high-level impregnating agent, with bleaching, disinfection, protection, to remove the melamine products on the stubborn dirt unique effects, utensils washed by the goods, the bright as new. In addition, this product is economical and does not hurt the container, suitable for all water quality conditions. The melamine products are particularly safe and highly protective.

Melamine Crockery Machine

 What is the use of stains? The deodorant is composed of heavy soda ash, boron monohydrate, anhydrous sodium metasilicate, boron as a highly efficient and stable oxygen bleach, sodium perborate is widely used in washing powder, Color bleaching powder, dishwashing agent, it both washing, decontamination, bleaching, sterilization, in addition to smell and fabric color by Yan and other effects.

The use of stains is as follows:Usage: Add 10 grams of water every 10 liters of clean water to dissolve, and try to keep the water temperature above 90, the tableware into the solution soak for 10 minutes or more. After washing the tableware with water rinse or into the dishwasher wash; do not dry powder directly spread on the surface of metal products, so as not to erosion; so wash out the melamine tableware clean and bright!
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