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Melamine tableware mold factory introduction on the use of chopsticks.
Nov 01, 2017
Chopsticks are traditional Chinese tableware, with the development of society, chopsticks are also divided into several kinds of material, common melamine tableware, bamboo, metal and other materials. For the use of chopsticks, we put a family of chopsticks are casually used. Often we will ignore the following:

  1, the best chopsticks at home to do special people, the family try not to mix chopsticks. Because mixed, then, easily lead to cross-infection of some diseases. Especially for some bacterial infections.

Melamine Dinnerware Machine

  2, clean the chopsticks to thoroughly. Some people often put the whole chopsticks on the faucet under the rub, and then to the chopsticks tube even if the plug a good wash. I do not know, so chopsticks are very easy to breed bacteria, and with the food into the human body, endangering human health. The correct wash method should be: carefully washed with detergent scrub chopsticks, drain the water, and then into the chopsticks tube. Moreover, the chopsticks tube should choose hollow, the bottom is not water, and do regular cleaning, disinfection.

3, chopsticks are best replaced every six months. In many families, a pair of chopsticks use two or three years is common. But once the chopsticks with a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and often scrubbing is also easy to make chopsticks become rough, there are many small grooves, very easy to leave bacteria.

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