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Taiwan Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition
Feb 10, 2019

Taiwan Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

Exhibition time: September 2020

Venue: Asia - Taiwan, China - Taipei

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Holding period: two years

Exhibition size: 20000-50000

First held: 1987

Will introduce

The Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition is co-sponsored by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Machine Industry Association (TAMI). It has a high reputation in the industry for two years. The last session of the exhibition is planned for five special zones: 1 plastic rubber processing machinery; 2 plastic rubber interface equipment area; 3 mold and component areas; 4 plastic rubber raw materials and products area; 5 related associations and media areas

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Market analysis

Taiwan is China's largest island. Since the 1960s, it has promoted an export-oriented industrialization strategy. The economic and social development has advanced by leaps and bounds, creating a world-famous Taiwan economic miracle. It is one of the four Asian dragons and was among the advanced economies in the 1990s. . According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs of Taiwan, from January to June, the import and export volume of goods between Taiwan and China was US$56.47 billion, of which Taiwan’s exports to the mainland were US$34.64 billion, accounting for 25.7% of Taiwan’s exports; Taiwan’s imports from the mainland were US$21.83 billion. , accounting for 18.7% of Taiwan's imports, an increase of 1.9 percentage points. The trade surplus between Taiwan and China was 12.81 billion US dollars, down 14.5%. As of June, mainland China is Taiwan's largest trading partner, the largest export destination and the largest source of import

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