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The price difference of melamine tableware is 5 times. It is best to choose white and internal patternless products.
Jul 19, 2018

The price difference of melamine tableware is 5 times. It is best to choose white and internal patternless products.

China Jiangsu Network September 14th In the past few days, many WeChat public accounts have reprinted a very hot article - "This bowl will lead to leukemia! Is your home still in use? "The bowl" refers to the melamine tableware that is good-looking and resistant to falling - "melamine" tableware, which is indeed used by many families, especially those with babies. Yesterday, the reporter visited the tableware market and found that most of the melamine tableware on the wholesale market did not have the QS certification mark, and the quality was difficult to guarantee. Professionals remind that even the quality of melamine tableware should be used with caution. It is best to choose a white and internal pattern-free product, and replace it once every six months.

Melamine Dinnerware Mold

Some melamine tableware in the wholesale market does not have the QS mark and is very cheap.

There is a lot of stalls selling tableware in a wholesale market in Jianguo Road. Most of the stalls put melamine tableware in a conspicuous position. Compared with porcelain and plastic tableware, melamine tableware is bright in color and has many styles. It feels light in the hand, but the surface is rough. The owner of the wholesale booth said, “This is a melamine tableware. It is not afraid of falling and insulating. It is especially suitable for children. Parents like to buy such bowls. Many small restaurants are also taken from here.”

Of course, melamine tableware is favored by small hotel owners. Another reason is that the price is cheap. The smallest bowl is 2 yuan each, and the largest bowl is more than 10 yuan each. The bottom of the cutlery has no other logo than the name of the brand.

Melamine Tableware Mold

Large supermarkets in the city also have melamine tableware for sale. There are more types of "melamine bowls" here, but the price is much more expensive. The smallest bowl is about 10 yuan, which is five or six times that of the wholesale market. The generality of one point is thirty or forty yuan.

But look carefully, the surface of the melamine tableware in the supermarket is much smoother and thicker to the touch. At the same time, each bowl has a detailed label indicating the origin and material: “100% pure melamine is non-toxic and odorless”, and reminds “It is strictly forbidden to use in the microwave oven”. In addition, the above are marked with the QS mark, as well as the implementation of the standard QB1999-1994. The reporter learned that this standard is the national standard for melamine plastic tableware.

"Three no" melamine tableware formaldehyde content exceeded

The same is why melamine tableware, wholesale market and large supermarket prices are so different?

Melamine Crockery Mold

"This bowl can cause leukemia! Is your home still in use? The article mentioned a test in which the tester poured high-temperature oil into two bowls and tested it with a formaldehyde detector. The results showed that the low-cost melamine bowl had a very high formaldehyde emission and the instrument even started to alarm; The higher the price of the melamine bowl, the formaldehyde emission is very low.

Some experts explained that the lower price melamine tableware is actually a kind of imitation porcelain bowl. The material is urea-formaldehyde resin. This material will decompose under the environment of temperature above 80 °C, releasing ammonia gas and formaldehyde, causing human body damage. harm. Many manufacturers falsify at the source of production, it is difficult to ensure that the material of melamine tableware is 100% pure melamine.

The Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision also conducted sampling tests on melamine tableware that appeared in the market, and the sample pass rate was 75%. Citizens can also do comparative tests at home, put the tableware in boiling water for 30 minutes, appear whitish, air bubbles, cracking, or emit a pungent smell, it is unqualified tableware.

Melamine Mold

Melamine Dinnerware Mold

In order to verify this statement, the reporter purchased a melamine tableware from the wholesale market and the supermarket, and put it into boiling water to cook. After 30 minutes, the melamine tableware purchased from the supermarket did not change much; the “three no” melamine tableware purchased from the wholesale market clearly smelled of pungent plastic.

The qualified imitation porcelain bowl will be changed in half a year.

Can a qualified melamine tableware be used with confidence? The relevant person in charge of the municipal quality supervision department said that even if it is a qualified melamine tableware, it will not be heated in the microwave oven without heating, and it will be replaced after half a year and up to one year. Melamine tableware will not emit toxic gas in a short period of time, but will release toxic gas slowly after half a year and need to be replaced in time. It is recommended that the public use ceramic bowls as much as possible. If you want to buy melamine tableware, be sure to check whether the product has QS logo and production license, and try to use white and unpatterned bowl.

Melamine Dinnerware Compress Machine

Because the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau had conducted random inspections on the market melamine tableware, the inspectors found that 14 batches of 19 batches of samples with bright patterns in contact with the food layer were found to contain heavy metal lead and migrated when the acid food was contained. The amount is significantly higher than that of the sample without the vivid pattern. Once the heavy metal lead enters the human body, it is not easy to be discharged by the human body, and it will have a cumulative effect. When the lead content reaches a certain concentration, it will affect the normal development of children's intelligence.

In addition, the melamine tableware should not be scrubbed with a steel ball. If the steel ball is repeatedly scrubbed ten times, the amount of formaldehyde migration will increase by about one time, and it cannot be heated for a long time. Do not hold the food with too high temperature. It is recommended to change it half a year.

Melamine Crockery Compress Machine

Melamine Crockery Die

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