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What is the difference between 718H mold steel and P20H mold steel?
Mar 22, 2020
What are the characteristics of 718H mold steel? What are the characteristics of P20 die steel? What is the difference between 718 mold steel and P20H mold steel?

718H mold steel, corresponding to China's 3Cr2NiMo mold steel.

718H is an improved steel grade of P20H mold steel (3Cr2Mo mold steel), which has greatly improved quality, making it

Fill in the shortage of P20H mold steel and meet the requirements of P20H mold steel.
Except that it cannot be used for plastic mold parts with corrosion resistance requirements, it is currently the most widely used mold steel.
The typical grade of the universal plastic mold steel. Commonly referred to as "advanced" plastic mold steel, newly developed

New steel grades often take it as a typical comparison.

P20 mold steel is a type of mold welding material, the earliest is P20, by P20H, P20Ni phase

1. P20H mold steel has the physical characteristics of uniform hardness, and has good polishing performance and photo-etching.
Engraving performance, and P20 mold steel excellent processing performance.

2.P20H die steel is made of pure steel through vacuum degassing refining treatment, which is more suitable for polishing or
Etching on plastic mold.

3. The P20H mold steel has been pre-hardened to 285-330HB (30-36HRC), which can be directly used for mold processing without heat treatment, greatly shortening the construction period and saving its operating costs.Good dimensional stability.
4. The physical properties of the P20H mold steel are dense after forging and rolling. Ultrasonic inspection can be used to find that the P20H mold steel has no defects such as pinholes and pinholes.

Note: P20H steel is suitable for making plastic molds and die materials for die-casting low-melting metals. This steel has good machinability and mirror polishing performance.
Melamine Crockery Mould
Difference between 718H mold steel and P20H mold steel
(1) 718H = P20H + 1% Ni.
(2) The hardness of 718H steel is 4HRC higher than that of P20H.
(3) P20H is generally used as a less demanding plastic mold or plastic lower mold. 718H Good polishing performance Generally used as a plastic mold with polishing requirements.

(1) The 718H die steel is in the annealed state at the factory and the hardness is HB290-310.

(2) The 718H is in a pre-hardened state at the factory, and its hardness is HRC28-36.

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