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Do the right choice of melamine tableware health accompanied by about
Oct 29, 2017
In our family or catering industry, most of the use of melamine tableware, it is beautifully patterned, smooth texture, similar to porcelain, washable, resistant to fall, widely loved by consumers and fast food industry, so also
Gradually become a necessary tableware for children's utensils.
  Although these meals have similar advantages of ceramic tableware, but the residual residues of melamine and formaldehyde in its raw materials is its inevitable defects, especially in the raw materials added urea
Fat products, there are more problems in this regard.
  Usually through the following three aspects to identify the pros and cons of imitation ceramic tableware -
One is visual. 1. the surface High-quality melamine tableware smooth, glossy, bright and bright pattern, almost can not see the flower paper marks, the back of the pores fine, good gloss; poor melamine tableware not only
Slippery, poor gloss, dark colors, the pattern is not clear, flower paper yellow, paper marks obvious, rough on the back of the pores. 2. grinding bits. High quality melamine tableware polished smooth, not rough, not cut, polished

Traces are not obvious, bright; poor melamine tableware polished rough, irregular, there are obvious grinding traces, no brightness.

Melamine Mould

Second is the feel. Weight Quality melamine tableware in order to ensure durable, impact resistance, the thickness of the general 3 mm, similar to the weight of ceramic; poor melamine tableware to save costs
Product made very thin or mixed with poor quality resin raw materials, product fragile, not durable. 2. Touch. High-quality melamine tableware feel smooth, do not scratch the hand, with white paper rubbing the surface of colored products, will not fade;
Poor melamine tableware feel uneven, scratching, with white paper rubbing the surface of colored products, will fade.

Three is the label. For the label of imitation ceramic tableware, China GB GB 9690-2009 "food containers, packaging materials with melamine - formaldehyde molding products hygiene standards" made a clear provision.

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