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Melamine tableware to be safe to use
Nov 01, 2017
Melamine tableware with its lightweight, beautiful, low temperature resistance, resistance to cooking, pollution resistance, not easy to fall and other properties, by the fast food industry and family use, many people can not use safe, prone to cracking and other issues. Some melamine tableware manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of low-quality materials for production and processing, resulting in a large number of quality problems missing. To remind the majority of users carefully purchased, safe use.

As the porcelain tableware colorful, diverse styles, lightweight and many of the advantages of being favored by many consumers, but this kind of tableware if the choice and improper use of the health of the body will have a negative impact.

Melamine Machine

It is difficult to distinguish the merits of the porcelain tableware from the appearance of the purchase, must be related to the test to be identified, such as water immersion, or high temperature food, low-grade cutlery in the formaldehyde or pigment may "run" out , Issued a pungent odor or fade white hair phenomenon. And to note that the real melamine resin is white, and now the market is full of colorful porcelain tableware are on the color, so try to choose white or light-colored tableware more secure. In addition, the purchase should pay attention to the following:
(1) to the regular store, supermarkets, buy, do not be cheap in the stall to buy;
(2) purchase to see if there is a manufacturer on the packaging, "QS" logo and number. And some seem to be melamine cutlery, but marked with "set plate" of the goods do not buy to do with utensils, because such products do not QS production license is not in line with food packaging requirements, the human body has security risks ;

(3) the purchase depends on whether the tableware has obvious deformation, with or without color, with or without spots, with or without variegated, if the above situation that the tableware may be produced using recycled materials; also depends on whether the surface is smooth, Smooth, uneven, then it is easy to use when cracking; such as meals with color, you can use a white napkin to wipe a rub to determine whether there is fading and other phenomena, the general choice of lighter color is appropriate to prevent the purchase of recycled materials Of the products;

Melamine Crockery Machine

(5) if the tableware on the decal, to see whether the pattern is clear, with or without wrinkles and bubbles, and food contact surface try not to bring color patterns; smell a smell of food with no irritating smell, to prevent formaldehyde residue.
Dong Jinshi analysis that qualified melamine tableware with durable, durable, resistant to cooking and other characteristics, many people put it as a universal tableware. However, melamine tableware on the use of conditions also have certain requirements:
(1) the use of temperature should not exceed 150 ℃, in particular, can not be microwave heating, and do not use too much temperature in the environment, or likely to cause cracking; do not hold acidic, oily material;
(3) cleaning melamine plastic tableware, the use of a softer cloth, do not use scouring cloth and cleaning cloth and so on to clean the surface of the tableware, because the scouring cloth, decontamination powder will be wiped The surface of the cutlery makes it more susceptible to contamination;

(4) try not to melamine plastic tableware on the pot cooking food, high temperature easy to make color patterns or tableware material may contain toxic substances precipitation.

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