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  • 2020/10/09 Shunhao moulds factory
    Shunhao moulds factory

    Shunhao moulds factory can make molds: 1. Melamine crockery moulds 2. Urea crockery moulds 3. Glossy melamine moulds 4. Matt finished melamine moulds ...

  • 2020-04-01 China Government interviewed with Shunhao
    China Government interviewed with Shunhao

    Shunhao factory has been serving the machines and molds to melamine tableware factories, urea tableware factories, UF toilet seat and cover factories ...

  • 2020/04/08 Rice husk tableware
    Rice husk tableware

    Rice husk tableware Introduction: Rice husk tableware is to regenerate this discarded rice husk into natural, healthy and free of any harmful chemical...

  • 2020/04/05 Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware
    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware

    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware 1) What is melamine tableware Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as...

Melamine tableware for you to live a different life
Oct 29, 2017

Melamine products everywhere, even our daily living utensils are also involved, heard of melamine cutlery? It is beautifully designed, beautiful and colorful appearance, which combines our pursuit of green pollution-free food hygiene standards, involving a very wide range (fast food chain, hotels, hot pot restaurants, food plaza, organs and institutions canteen, highway service area, College cafeteria, advertising gifts, etc.).

Melamine Crockery Mould

   Melamine tableware with realistic ceramic style, bright color, non-toxic, tasteless, strong resistance, not fragile, durable and so on. In line with national food hygiene standards, high temperature 120 degrees, low temperature -30 degrees, easy to 120 degrees below the use of dishwashers and disinfection cabinet.

   Melamine tableware to our life Tim color, for our lives to provide a convenient, such as parents for the children carefully selected melamine tableware, from its resistance to drop, fight hit, we all know that children like to move, easy to play Broken pieces of utensils, and melamine tableware to solve this problem, it hit, anti-wrestling strong, for the mother to solve the trouble.

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