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High Quality Melamine Dinnerware Mold For "S"Shape Product

We specilize in various kinds of Melamine Tableware Molds, such as: plate, bowl, dish, tray, cup, spoon, etc....

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High Quality Melamine Dinnerware Mold For "S"Shape Product 

My company has advanced design software and hardware to support a variety of formats of data conversion, application (UG, PRO / E, ATUO CAD, MOLDFLOW, and other software for mold design and production, in relief, color, multicolor, hollow mold technology Aspects, accumulated a wealth of design experience, the company has specialized in mold project management and process debugging staff, real-time tracking of progress to ensure the timely completion of the mold durability.

1:Mould Steel-718#
2:Mould Size:650*480*155MM
3:Mould weigh:180kgs
4:Mould surface:Mirro Polish
5:Mould life-500000shots
6:Material of products-MMC OR UMC
7:Hardness of Mould-33-50
8:Hardness of Chrome-more than 55

Mold manufacturing process
1:Melamine Product design
The use of professional 3D mold design software, according to different customers on the mold and product requirements, customized fast mold design the overall program.
Melamine Handi Moulds
2:Melamine Mould design
I am strong technical force, with the industry's first-class mold design team, and the first in the industry to introduce CNC milling machine to ensure that the best mold structure and product quality,
To meet the needs of customers, the use of strong technical strength, early in the design of customer products, fully understand the needs of customers, and proposed mold structure of the manufacturing process to amend the proposal to maximize the provision of CAD, CAE and other technical support.
Melamine Split Mould
3:Melamine Mould testing
In the formal delivery of the mold, we have the spirit of "quality first life" principle, the internal test mode testing, validation, advanced sophisticated detection equipment, and limited source detection and physical testing to simulate the wear and tear of the mold to ensure that Mold production and operation stability, improve production efficiency, reduce material loss and many other late factors, and record the relevant production process data, when necessary, we will optimize the design of the customer's products.
4:Mould processing
My company to "fine" the beginning of the word, with the industry's first-class design team, the use of advanced technology, the use of high-precision machining equipment, precision molds, precision machining, formed from the product design to the manufacturing process of the closed link, the maximum To provide customers a full range of quality services.

When you have the need to make new Melamine Tableware Molds from us:
Melamine Split Mold
1. Send us samples/3D drawings, we will design accordingly and discuss with you, when you have any special request;
2. After drawings confirmed by your side, the punch and Cavity will be cut by CNC according to the program of the confirmed design;
3. The assembly team will check the punch and cavity to fit them well and make new mold plate for punch and cavity each;
4. The next work is done by polishing workers team. Experienced workers polish the punch and cavity carefully and slowly ( Most important work for the quality of finished products);
5. Then next the molds will be sent to do hard chrome plating;
6. Finally, the molds will be tested by machines, and QC team check the trial samples.
7. Then we will send the trial samples to you by DHL/TNT courier, for your final checking.

IN-TIME Service we supply:
Reply the Email / phone call IN TIME
Responce the quotation details and mold drawings IN TIME
Discuss the technical parameters IN TIME
Melamine Tableware Mold Processing report IN TIME
Mold test and trial samples delivery IN TIME
Mold delivery IN TIME
After-sales service IN TIME
Melamine Split Die

if you need any Melamine Tableware Mould,Melamine Dinnerware Mould,Melamine Crockery Mould,please contact with us,We are waiting here for you to have ONE-STOP PURCHASING SERVICE from us!

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