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  • 2020/10/09 Shunhao moulds factory
    Shunhao moulds factory

    Shunhao moulds factory can make molds: 1. Melamine crockery moulds 2. Urea crockery moulds 3. Glossy melamine moulds 4. Matt finished melamine moulds ...

  • 2020-04-01 China Government interviewed with Shunhao
    China Government interviewed with Shunhao

    Shunhao factory has been serving the machines and molds to melamine tableware factories, urea tableware factories, UF toilet seat and cover factories ...

  • 2020/04/08 Rice husk tableware
    Rice husk tableware

    Rice husk tableware Introduction: Rice husk tableware is to regenerate this discarded rice husk into natural, healthy and free of any harmful chemical...

  • 2020/04/05 Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware
    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware

    Rationally view the harm of melamine tableware 1) What is melamine tableware Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as...

Melamine synthesis editing
Sep 26, 2017
Melamine synthesis editing

Melamine Tableware is a high molecular polymer, abbreviated as MF, the monomer is formaldehyde and melamine. Reaction with 37% formaldehyde aqueous solution, formaldehyde and melamine two monomers molar ratio of 2 to 3. The results show that the amount of formaldehyde is increased with the increase of the amount of formaldehyde, the reaction is easy to be carried out. When the amount of formaldehyde is changed, the melamine resin obtained from different hydroxymethyl melamine can be prepared. When the reaction system has pH = 8.5, Less reaction is easy to control; high temperature, fast reaction speed, in the 54 ~ 80 ℃ range of formaldehyde on the amount of little effect.

Melamine Crockery Mould

The first step of the reaction starts with a different number of N-methylol substituents and is then further condensed into a linear resin. In general, the reaction conditions are different, the molecular weight of the product is also different, from water soluble to water insoluble, and even can produce insoluble non-melting solid. The Melamine Resin does not cure at room temperature and generally requires heat curing at 130 to 150 ° C. The results show that the addition of a small amount of acid as a catalyst can improve the curing rate. After curing the melamine formaldehyde resin colorless and transparent, stable in boiling water, and even can be used at high temperatures of 150 ℃, with self-extinguishing, arc resistance and good mechanical properties
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