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Production of melamine moulding compound
Oct 17, 2017

Production of melamine moulding compound

Melamine powder is melamine formaldehyde resin as raw material, cellulose as the base material, adding pigments and other additives made of, because it is a three-dimensional network structure, it is thermosetting raw materials. (Waste side can not be furnace production). Melamine formal name melamine formaldehyde resin, Jane "MF" ...

A1 material (not for tableware)
(Including 30% Melamine Resin, and 70% of the ingredients for the additives, starch, etc.)

Features: Although the melamine ingredients, but still the characteristics of plastic, toxic, not high temperature, intolerant, intolerant corrosion, the appearance of rough, easy to deformation, discoloration, poor gloss.

Melamine Dinnerware Mould

A3 material (not for tableware)
Containing 70% melamine resin, and another 30% of the ingredients for the additives, starch and so on,

Features: appearance and genuine (A5 material) is almost the same, but once used, the product is not dirty, easy to change color, fade, high temperature easily deformed, intolerant corrosion.

Melamine Tableware Mould

A5 material can be used for melamine cutlery
(100% melamine resin)
Features: non-toxic and tasteless, temperature -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, resistant to bump, corrosion-resistant, not only the appearance of fine, lightweight insulation, the use of security.

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