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Melamine tableware should be replaced when there is a crack
Oct 29, 2017
Home life, utensils is essential for our daily necessities, many people do not use a long time to replace the tableware, in fact, the use of safety is to use after a certain number of years need to be replaced, no matter what life, melamine tableware is not exception. When the date of use of utensils should be replaced in time.

  Metallic products will be damaged for the coating. Many people think that metal products safe, can be used for life, it is not true. To the most common iron pot, for example, wok surface to protect its stainless "food layer" once off, the pot of rust easily lead to nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite and so on. Enamel products prone to cracks, coated with enamel products such as aluminum silicate and other substances, will take the opportunity to transfer to the food to go. Stainless steel is made of iron-chromium alloy nickel, molybdenum and other metal made of these metals are also harmful ingredients on the human body. Therefore, when found to be made of metal kitchen utensils damage, surface paint or coating off the phenomenon, it should be replaced.

Melamine Machine

  Melamine products are cracks that change. Porcelain beautiful glaze containing lead, when the cracks occur, the lead may overflow, mixed into the food. Therefore, the cleansing of the melamine tableware should not continue to use.

Tableware life and maintenance are inseparable For melamine, metal and other kitchen utensils, we can extend the service life through careful care, but once there is a rupture, deformation, demolition of porcelain and other phenomena should be replaced in a timely manner, not for a moment of "savings", white " Out of precious life.

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