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Melamine tableware can withstand the temperature
Oct 29, 2017

Melamine tableware is not fragile, resistant to high and low temperature, texture, lightweight features, is widely used in food and beverage, family tableware, say it is resistant to high and low temperature, in the end can withstand the temperature range is how much? Here to tell you about.

Melamine Tableware Mould

As long as it is through QS certified products, the temperature range (-30 ° C ~ 120 ° C), melamine resin tableware is made of melamine and formaldehyde resin after the polymerization, it is a new environmentally friendly materials. Because it is light, good wash, not fragile and loved by people. But it is in the case of high temperature, precipitation of melamine and formaldehyde is very likely. Melamine itself is less toxic, poor solubility, after taking the kidney into the crystallization of stones will become harmful to the human body. Use this tableware as long as no more than 120 degrees Celsius, are safe

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