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What is the reason for choosing melamine cutlery?
Oct 29, 2017

Melamine tableware made of melamine resin powder heating and pressing. It has a smooth surface, non-toxic and tasteless, drop-resistant, can automatically extinguish the arc and other characteristics, the current melamine tableware has been widely used in high-end families, especially children's tableware, basically made of melamine resin cutlery. So why do you choose to use melamine cutlery in the dining industry or family tableware? Here to tell you about.

Melamine Crockery Mould

1, melamine tableware solvent resistance excellent performance, hard, durable, easy to break;
2, the surface of the product has a flat, non-toxic, tasteless, drop-resistant, can automatically extinguish the arc and other characteristics;
3, Naisuan Jian, the oil, acid, alkali and various solvents have excellent resistance;
4, light weight, moderate weight, low thermal conductivity, even if the loaded hot items, you can easily grip;

5, the surface can be printed beautifully, bright patterns, product color stability, beautiful color, good gloss, and easy to peel, good texture, a traditional ceramic beauty.

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