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Moscow International Mould Technology Exhibition-2019
Feb 10, 2019

Moscow International Mould Technology Exhibition

A world-class exhibition for mold making, design and application development!

Time: June 18-20, 2019

Venue: Europe - Russia - Moscow

Exhibition industry: mold

Duration: One year

Exhibition size: less than 10,000

The first session: 2005

Exhibition Hall: Klocus International Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

Exhibition organizer: Frankfurt Messe GmbH

Exhibition introduction

Large-scale, authoritative mold exhibition in Russia

Rosmould is a world-class exhibition of professional mold making, design and application development. The exhibition is held by the Frankfurt Messe Group. Every year, 2019 Moscow International Mould Exhibition will be held on June 18-20 in CROCUS. The EXPO International Exhibition Center was held.

Attractive: The show will showcase mold industry products and services, technology and innovation. After many years, ROSMOULD has become a reliable wind vane in the field of molds, forgings and impressions. It is currently the largest and most authoritative mold trade fair in Russia. Mold equipment plays a key role in every industry and is a factor in the popularity of ROSMOULD.

Melamine Dinnerware Mould

Strong support from the government: The exhibition was strongly supported by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Moscow Federation of Manufacturers, the All-Russian Equipment Production Alliance and the Russian Automobile Manufacturers Union. Since 2007, the Russian Mould Exhibition has started to cooperate with the global influential mold exhibition, including the American Mould Exhibition, the Indian Mould Exhibition, the South African Mould Exhibition, etc. The exhibition has achieved rapid development.

The organizers are strong: Messe Frankfurt is the world's leading company in global trade exhibitions. The company holds more than 100 trade shows every year in 28 cities around the world. The company's flagship exhibitions have a leading position in the market, including the Ambiente-Frankfurt International Fashion Consumer Goods Fair in the consumer category, the Automechanika-Frankfurt International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Exhibition in the automotive parts category. Other technology exhibitions include Light+Building, the Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition, and these international flagship shows reflect the global market within the industry.

Melamine Crockery Mould

Market analysis

Russia is the country with the largest territory in the world, with a total area of 17.075 million square kilometers. Moscow is the largest commercial centre of the Commonwealth of Independent States, with Russia's largest commercial and financial offices located here. In general, the Russian market has external opportunities for China with “unlimited potential, emerging markets, coincident opportunities, and future prospects”. With the development of the mold industry, the characteristics of the Russian mold industry gradually become more prominent. The car mold is better than other industries. Due to the poor development of local Volga and Lada cars, most of Russia's cars are imported from Europe, America and Japan. However, the potential purchasing power of Russia is very strong. The government also actively supports the development of the automobile industry in Russia. Russia will be the market for the future development of automobiles, automotive plastic molds, automobile stamping dies and auto parts. Therefore, Russia's daily plastic molds, mechanical metal stamping dies, and automotive molds will also be developed and imported in the future with the development of the automotive industry.

According to Russian customs statistics, from January to May 2017, the import and export volume of Russian and Chinese goods was US$31.08 billion, an increase of 36.9%. Among them, Russia’s exports to China were US$ 14.85 billion, up 40.9%, accounting for 10.8% of Russia’s total exports, up 0.8 percentage points; Russia’s imports from China were US$ 16.23 billion, up 33.4%, accounting for 20.0% of Russia’s total imports, up 1.0 percentage point. From January to May, the trade deficit between Russia and China was 1.37 billion US dollars, a decrease of 15.2%. China is Russia's first source of deficit. As of May, China is Russia's second largest export market and the largest source of imports. .

Last review

Exhibition area: approximately 4,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 153 exhibitors

Number of viewers: 7,000

exhibition criteria

1, mold and mold products, mold standard parts: cutting and measuring equipment, repair and equipment, standardized components, unit parts, hot runner systems, heaters, sensors, etc.;

2, machining center, CNC milling machine, boring machine, lathe, drilling machine and other mold processing various types of gold cutting machine tools;

3. All kinds of electric processing machine tools, engraving machines; three coordinate measuring machines and other measuring equipment;

4. Die-casting machine, various pressure machine tools and test equipment; plastic machinery and rubber machinery;

5, mold materials, metallurgical products; mold CAD, CAM, CAE software, etc.;

6. Accessories and auxiliary equipment for all kinds of mold production, including polishing, grinding, assembly fixtures, etc.; tools, cutting tools, and other products related to molds.

7. Design and engineering, simulation and prototyping, 3D printers and 3D printing, 3D scanners, 3D printing materials

Melamine Tableware Mould

8. Metals and alloys, plastics and composites, rubber and rubber, semi-finished products

9. Machinery and tools: product manufacturing equipment and technology, shape generation equipment, peripheral equipment, laser and engraving equipment, waste treatment and recycling equipment, equipment diagnostic and control systems, intelligent innovation and services

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