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Feb 10, 2019


Hosting time: December 2019

Venue: Asia - Turkey - Istanbul
Exhibition industry: plastic oak
Duration: One year
Exhibition size: 10000-20000
First held: 1990
Exhibition Hall: TUYAP Convention and Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey
Exhibition introduction
The only professional exhibition in the plastics industry in Turkey
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PLAST EURASIA ISTANBUL was founded in 1990 and is held once a year. It has been nearly 28 years old and has received great support from the Turkish Plastics Association. It has formed a large scale in the plastics industry. It has a certain influence and is currently the only professional exhibition in the plastics industry in Turkey. The 28th Turkey International Plastics Industry Exhibition in 2017 has achieved great success. With a net area of 100,000 square meters, 1,134 companies from 53 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Greece, Korea, India, Spain, Italy, Japan. , Malaysia and other countries and regions. Among the exhibits, plastic finished products and raw materials accounted for 35%, plastic machinery manufacturers accounted for 25%, rubber industry accounted for 9.4%, packaging industry accounted for 7.3%, and mold industry accounted for 5.2%. German and US exhibitors ranked first in scale. .

According to the statistics of the exhibition, 85% of the exhibitors expressed their affirmation to the exhibition. More than 47,306 professional visitors from 93 countries in Turkey and around the country visited the exhibition. 98.7% of the visitors expressed their realization through the exhibition. The original intention is that the exhibition is a successful event; the demand in the Turkish market is strong, and the exhibition provides a comprehensive and convenient platform for negotiations between buyers and sellers. In addition, Chinese products are inexpensive, after years of development and technological innovation, It has been favored by more and more customers from all over the world.
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Market analysis
Turkey is located between Asia and Europe and is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It has convenient transportation and is a traditional farming and animal husbandry country with good agriculture. Basically self-sufficient for grain, cotton, vegetables, fruits and meat, but due to the Turkish economy. With rapid development, its plastic rubber products and related industries are extremely scarce, making the success of the Turkish International Plastics Industry Exhibition inevitable. The exhibition provided a comprehensive and convenient platform for negotiations between buyers and sellers. In addition, China's products are inexpensive, and after years of development and technological innovation, they have been favored by more and more customers around the world.

According to the Turkish-Chinese Business Association, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Turkey is on the eve of the "explosive". The 2018 Turkish International Plastics Industry Exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for Chinese companies to once again hit the European rubber and plastics market. It will provide Chinese companies with a platform to showcase their products and provide access to the Turkish market.

Past review
Exhibition area: 10,000 square meters
Number of exhibitors: 1,134 exhibitors from 53 countries and regions
Number of viewers: 47,306

exhibition criteria
1. Plastic raw materials, plastic injection molding machine, automatic filling and sealing machine, plastic dryer, single and twin screw extrusion sheet machine;
2. Plastic packaging machine, plastic knitting machine, plastic pipe production line, plastic mold and die;
3. Plastic powder feeder, foaming/reaction or reinforced resin equipment, granulator, automatic blowing machine;

4. Hollow plate extrusion machine profile extrusion machine, injection molding machine, PET special extrusion sheet machine, rubber raw material.

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