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Oct 25, 2019

India New Delhi International Plastics and Rubber Machinery Exhibition

The world's third largest exhibition in the plastics industry exhibition! huge influence!

Hosting time: July 2019

Venue: Asia - India - New Delhi

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Duration: One year

Exhibition size: 10000-20000

The first event: 2012

Exhibition Hall: Pragmatic Maiden Pavilion, New Delhi, India

Exhibition introduction

PLASTASIA, the Indian plastics and rubber exhibition, is the third largest exhibition in the world plastics industry exhibition, and it is also a very influential professional exhibition in the world today. Originally a three-year exhibition, it should be changed to one year from 2017 on the market demand. The exhibition has considerable prestige in the fields of machine tools, plastics, printing and packaging. It provides the best platform for exhibitors and professional buyers to develop new business, maintain old relationships, increase supply and marketing channels, and increase product visibility! In the last 2016 exhibition, more than 700 brands from 429 exhibitors from India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Oman, Sri Lanka, Germany, Australia, China, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The professional audience is over 31,000 people. In the survey on the last day of the exhibition, 94% of the exhibitors said that the exhibition was very good or good, and may consider continuing to participate in the next session. According to the audience registration survey, 50% of visitors are interested in plastic machinery and related equipment, 29% focus on raw materials, and 21% prefer packaging equipment, extruders, thermoforming machines, etc.

Auto Melamine Dinnerware Molding Machine

Market analysis

India is a member of the BRICS and G20 countries and has a population of approximately 1.2 billion. According to statistics from the Indian Business Information Agency and the Indian Ministry of Commerce, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between India and China was US$18.96 billion in January-March 2017. Among them, India exported 3.30 billion US dollars to China; and imported 15.66 billion US dollars from China. The trade deficit between India and China is 12.36 billion US dollars. As of March, China is India's fifth largest export destination and the largest source of imports. China and India are the world's largest developing countries. The two countries are geographically neighboring countries. Their cooperation and trade are frequent. Due to their geographical location, most of India's imported products depend on China, and India's industrial products demand, India. The market has become a potential target for China to develop foreign trade.

In recent years, India has developed rapidly at an average annual growth rate of 8% or more, and its growth rate is second only to China. In terms of plastics, according to statistics, the per capita plastic consumption in India will increase from the current 4 kg per person to 10.5 kg per capita in 2010. India has now grown to become the world's third largest consumer of plastics (polymers). In order to meet the huge growth in demand, the Indian processing industry will need more than 30,000 mechanical equipment and about 9.5 billion US dollars in project investment. In the next 10 years, India will have a huge demand market for machinery, tools and related spare parts of related industries. This is undoubtedly a very huge potential market for Chinese companies.

Past review

Exhibition area: 18,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 429 exhibitors

Number of viewers: about 31,000 people

Auto Melamine Tableware Molding Machine

exhibition criteria

Belt and Road

1. Processing machinery and processing plant: accessories / auxiliary equipment, blow molding machine, film, sheet, filament and other foam resin, reactive resin or reinforcing resin, finishing, decoration, printing and marking injection molding machine measurement, control and The test equipment has a processed plastic rotary forming machine welding machine and accessories;

2. Plastic mold: injection mold, extrusion mold, mold parts, plastic products, etc.;

3. Recycling and post-processing machinery: bending machine and bending mechanism bag machine cutting machine, printing, packaging, electroplating and laminating slitting machine and peeling machine thermoforming machine;

4. Raw materials: additives, rubber raw materials, adhesives and glue coating compounds, chemical intermediates and colorants, fuels, dyes, fillers, fine chemicals and inorganic chemicals, foams and intermediates, masterbatch, petrochemical resin intermediates, reinforcing fibers Synthetic fibers with materials, starting materials and intermediates thermosetting materials and thermosetting plastics;

5. Service: CAD/CAM/CAE software raw material formula and combination contract manufacturing and assembly service standardization research and development consultation

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