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Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine For Melamine Crockery

Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine For Melamine Crockery
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Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine For Melamine Crockery 

1 Machine name:
Melamine Crockery Moulding Machine
Melamine Moulding Machine Of Other Brands
2 Model:
Machine model standard
Some models are smaller
3 Nominal pressure of main cylinder:
4 Maximum working pressure:
5 Diameter of master cylinder piston:
The size of cylinder diameter is standard or larger
standard and partially smaller
6 Working stroke of main cylinder:
560mm for those above 200T
450-550mm for those above 200T
7 Adjustable workbench spacing:
Large and small
8 Effective working surface:
Different standards
11 Tension column (heat treatment grinding)
The surface is high temperature and hardened with watermill and plating, and is wear-resisting and polished.
The ordinary plating finished surface is not abrasion resistance and easy to be scratched.
12 Oil pressure pumping:
Japanese standard series, durable in use
Brands selected have poor public reputation at home.
13 Specification of motor:
Taiwanese Brand
Chinese mainland brand
14 Computer system
The low temperature main engine used in Taiwan brand, without high temperature aging and with stable performance, quick response and long service life. The memory card makes program update convenient.
Taiwanese Shihlin or Japanese Mitsubishi. The integrated circuit appears high temperature aging easily and faults in breakdown, output, power and connection are frequently happened in the service life of 3-6 years.
15 Oil piping system
The newest efficient oil pipe in 2016 with quick response, fast speed and strong stability. The configuration of oil valve is reasonable for convenient and simple maintenance.
The oil pipe in 1990 has remained unchanged until 2017, without any progress, which has failed to meet requirements of modern process and output. With ordinary performance, slow action and messy system configuration, the maintenance must be done by skilled labors.
16 Capacity and efficiency
The output of the same products in 24 hours is 150 to 200 higher than that of other factories. The conformity rate of finished products reaches 95%.
The low output has failed to yield profit for the factory. The factory doesn’t know the yield gap and the backwardness without comparison. 
17 Mechanical operation
The operational motion is set and the interface integration is simplified. Workers’ training is easy to get started. The various new special functions can deal with more product categories and diversified change of raw materials.
The worker training is difficult, due to the multiple setting interfaces. The system operation is basically the same as that one in 1990. No functions are newly increased except for the change of digital readout. It is only a brand without innovation and particularity.
The digital readout easily disturbs the computer and causes strange faults. Big error exists between operating position and actual setting. The maintenance cost is high and the installation is simple. 
Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine For Melamine Crockery

18 Components in oil hydraulic system:
 (1) Oil pump: High performance PV2R1 double vane pump of Japanese joint venture KASITER brand
(2) Valves: Solenoid directional valve and plate valves are the original famous Taiwan brands, with strong anti-pollution
capacity and good working performance.
(3)Sealing elements of main cylinder: Adopt Japanese original NOK PU sealing ring with compression resistance, abrasion
resistance and long service life
19. Circuit control system:
 (1) Adopt computer-control system
(2) The PLC host and the pressure module adopt the original Taiwan brand of VIGOR.
(3) Human-computer interface: Adopt Japanese brand of Fuji
(4) The mold temperature is controlled by SSR solid-state relay, quiet without noise and with long service life.
 (5) The pressure is set and controlled by pressure sensor of German brand and pressure modules accurately.
20. Mechanical system: (1) The main casting is the high-strength nodular cast iron, suitable for long-term operation under high
 pressure condition via mechanics design.
(2) The master cylinder piston is made of white iron, with smooth and wear-resisting surface and durable service.
21. The oil pipe is controlled by restricted pressure and can realize fast or slow ascent and descent; the system has the function
of decompression separately.
22. The main machine separates from electric cabinet and oil hydraulic system to realize convenient disassembly.
23. The oil piping systems are high-speed control system.
24. Asbestos board is used for the thermal insulation of electric hot plate on the machine.
25. The control of vertical stroke of the machine is the close-spaced inductive control.
Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine For Melamine Crockery
Details of Main Parts on Melamine Machine
Name of parts
Place of origin
Parts  oil cylinder
Nodular cast iron
China, with investment from Taiwan
Master cylinder piston
White cast iron
Inlet oil seal
PLC host
Pressure module
Human-computer screen
7 inches and colors
Pressure monitor
Solenoid valve
Victor Taichung
Oil pressure valve
Dual pressure pump
Sino-Japanese Joint Venture
Automatic Hydraulic Moulding Machine For Melamine Dinnerware
Special notes:
1. Safety device with photoelectric sensor is added to the machine (comply with the standard configuration of our company).
2. Spare parts are attached to the machine in delivery (comply with the standard configuration of our company).

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