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Single Color Melamine Crockery Compression Machine-MADE IN SHUNHAO

We are the factory of melamine tableware compression machine for making trays,mugs,bowls,forks,spoons,ect
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Our machine can be applied in pressing various kinds of melamine dinnerware, such as trays, mugs, plates,chopsticks, spoon, plate, smack-box, starch imitation porcelain tableware plant fiber imitation porcelain tableware, and so on.
1.Electric control .It is adopted imported with speed  actions,no noise  and running smoothly features.
2.The functions of air change  times ,relief time ,moulding time,initial pressure relief time,number calculation of the finished  products can be set  on the computer panel.It is easy to be operated and adjusted.
3.Emergency  function is designed to  protect  the operators,mould and finished products.
4.Pressure test  function provides convenience for operation inspection.
5.The preesure system is adopted  famous brand device,with high speed and energy saving.
Melamine Crockery Compression Machine
In order to increase production efficiency, it may longer the mechanical operation time, which
may one day nearly 24 hours of production. In terms of the 25days per month of operation to
count the cumulative monthly production operations to 600 hours, so a year will be 7200 hours.
To compareother general machine tools, it is 4-5 times the length of operating time, hence,
hydraulic machine maintenance must pay more attention than the average of the production
machinery industry.
1. Maintenance and Inspection:
1). Inspection before operation:
A. Check the hydraulic oil capacity: checking the fuel gauge, to determain whether the oil tank
save more than 80% or 70% or less than 70%;
B. Check the Emergency Stop switch: Any emergency situation must be stopped in case of
operation, immediately press the Emergency stop switch, the machine is able to stop running (if
only press the motor stop switch is invalid) in an instant.
C. Check the apparatus of Slow-speed mold open: Determine whether the gap between the upper
and lower mold adhesion, whether the force of each pillar of the state average.
D. Check all the movable parts: Any movable parts need to be properly lubricated, and clean dirts
out of these movable parts, to keep the machine running well. Main axis of this machine equips
with lubricating bearings, no required extra lubricated agents.
E. Check the cooling water system: To check all the cooling water pipes are not leaking and make
sure the enough water to keep the normal running. Under normal production ( not 3 shifts), the
case of insufficient water or completely interrupted, can continuously run 4-8 hours without
cooling, no any damage to operate this machine.
Melamine Dinnerware Compression Machine
F. Suvaillance ofAbnormal sound: such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valves, relay, etc. Abnormal
sound, to prevent any damage to the machine.
G. Check the accuracy of the micro-switches: in order to determain precise entire automation
cycle operation. Order bit of the action in particular need to adjust and position locate, especially
the molds.
2) Every day checking and maintenance:
A. Daily operations, should be dry cloth to gently wipe the surface of the machine ministries and
electrical control box glass.
B. Remove trivial and dust from the heating plate.
C. Such as abnormal sound happen during operation, should immediately check and solve.
D. Clean all around the machine.
E. Switch off power and release the press of oil gauge as ZERO.
3). Every week checking and maintenance:
A. Check the eletric heaters: to check heater ampere pointer whether flexible and normal; check
whether broken line or loose wiring, etc.
B. Check the oil-leak: to check all the connecters of the hydraulic circuit or pipes whether there is
oil leak stain; even if little oil-leak, it should also be noted.
C. Check the tightness of screw and nuts: To ensure accuracy of mechanical assembly, preventing
from displacement loosening.
D. Check the height of the oil gauge of oil tank.
4). Every month checking and maintenance:
A.Clean the grease filter, replace damaged
B. Check the basement of the machine is loose or displaced
C. Check the levelness machinery
D. Check the switch common abnormality of arcing
5).Yearly maintenance:
A. Clean the oil tank
B. Re-fill the new oil
This machine is fully automatic operation (AUTO), “MANUAL” only use for placing molds or
mold testing or other special cases. Hereby method of operation as below:
Melamine Compression Machine
A. Manual operation ( Mold trial or placing molds using):
Select the switch under Manual position, the cylinder ascend or descend manually, to meet the
manual or adjustment requirement.
B.Auto operation ( Normal productin using):
Select the switch under AUTO position, this machine will be operated automatically.
3. Security codes:
A. During operation of the machine except when necessary, should try not to develop a hand as an
aid operation.
B. Memorize the position of the emergency stop switch.
C. The worker should wear short-sleeved or sleeveless tight clothes, especially avoid wide sleeves
dragon costumes.
D. If necessary view, should be first stop and then view.
E. Troubleshooting should be an expert or technician whom.
F. Keep the surrounding environment clean, traces of oil in particular should prevent any
inadvertent from ground.
G. In case when a large number of oil spill stains the ground, first wiped with a lot of grease, then
the ground can be slippery layer of sawdust or salt, lime to prevent slippery.
Melamine Dinnerware Machine
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