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How to choose children's tableware
05 Apr 2020
How to choose children's tableware

Mom and Dad are very cautious about the choice of baby tableware. Facing the dazzling selection of children's tableware is a very academic matter. Today I will introduce some suggestions for children's tableware selection:

 1. Start with the safety of tableware. When choosing children's tableware, we must fully consider the safety of the tableware, the fragility of ceramics, the heavy metal content of stainless steel is too heavy, and the plastic is easy to be toxic and not resistant to temperature. Then, in contrast, melamine tableware has become a respected choice, melamine tableware is now a new type of tableware popular internationally. Well, the advantages of melamine are also very obvious: it has a ceramic feel, smooth texture, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with national food hygiene standards and US FDA hygiene standards; it is impact resistant, drop resistant, durable; it has good heat resistance , -30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃; light and heat insulation, not hot; good chemical stability, suitable for various colors.
Melamine Mold
2. The second is the selection of tableware that can enhance children ’s interest in dining when choosing the characteristics of the baby. Now many manufacturers understand this reason, so they will introduce some exquisite and cute cartoon shapes to be printed on the tableware, so the first is to increase the tableware ’s Beautiful, the second is to attract the baby's attention and stimulate the baby's curiosity. Remember, do not choose tableware with too bright colors and messy colors. Too many colors can cause lead poisoning, which is not good for babies.

 3. How to choose children's tableware, in addition to considering the safety of tableware and its practicality for babies, you can also combine children's enlightenment education and choose some children's special tableware for babies, such as a divided plate, there is a special place Chopsticks, put eggs or spoons, so that you can exercise the baby's ability to work, exercise hands, eyes, mouth coordination, is also very helpful to the baby.
Melamine Die

  How to choose children's tableware, in addition to the suggestions given above, of course, moms should pay attention that the price of melamine powder is relatively high, many illegal manufacturers will use molded powder to produce fake melamine tableware, so when choosing children's tableware When you buy, you must carefully check whether the tableware is deformed or color-differenced when buying. You should see whether the surface of the tableware is smooth and the sticker pattern is clear. For brightly colored tableware, you can wipe it back and forth with white napkins Whether it fades, etc.

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