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Shunhao tells you whether melamine tableware is harmful to human body
19 Apr 2020
Shunhao tells you whether melamine tableware is harmful to human body

Maybe we use it every day, but it is not clear. Most of the tableware on our table today is a melamine tableware product made of melamine amino plastic material. It has the characteristics of not easy to break, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and friction resistance. It is very suitable for home use. In recent years, Yanggemelamine tableware has been widely used in tableware, sanitary ware and other fields.
Generally, there are three types of tableware on the table: ceramic, melamine, stainless steel tableware. The safety, color, luster, and artistic temperament of ceramic tableware let me put it down. It is more suitable for the living habits and aesthetic habits of Orientals. However, the fragility of ceramic tableware is a headache. A good set of ceramic tableware is not only expensive, Fragility also determines its durability and practical value is not high.
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Stainless steel cutlery is a product of Western life. Despite the trend of popularization in recent years, it has not been used too radically and historically in China, and it is not very consistent with the living habits and aesthetic traditions of Orientals. It is not very commonly used in life.
At present, this question is definitely the most toxic side effect of melamine tableware on the human body? According to Ma Zhanfeng, an expert in the Yangge melamine tableware laboratory, melamine-based tableware is harmless to the human body and can be used with confidence. . Because when synthesizing melamine-based materials, the processing temperature is 145 165 degrees Celsius, the pressure is 25 35 MPa, and the curing time is 10 15 seconds. At high temperatures and pressures, chemical scorching reactions occur during processing and molding, and finally water-insoluble products appear. The melamine tableware after this production process is safe and non-toxic, as long as it is a melamine tableware that has passed the quality inspection, it has no toxic and side effects on the human body.

It's like putting a piece of sugar in a big pot without any harm. When a doctor of the Malaysian Consumers Association said that plates and spoons made of melamine plastic can be used safely, the image is a metaphor that fully proves the hygiene and safety of melamine plastic. According to relevant information, the Singapore Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Authority has used melamine tableware from its invention to the present. It has been proven to be safe in history, but you must pay attention to a detail when using it: melamine tableware is usually marked, pay attention to melamine tableware Do not roast on fire or use in the microwave.

It is precisely because of its non-toxic, unbreakable and corrosion-resistant characteristics that melamine tableware is also popular among consumers around the world. Melamine tableware is very common in the world. Humans have used melamine tableware for more than 50 years. Billions of people around the world use melamine resin tableware every day. Its safety has withstood the test of history. Consumers are generally welcome. The Japanese started using melamine tableware in 1960. The rapid expansion in 1967 to an annual output of 80,000 tons shows that it was all the rage at the time. Since the 1960s, melamine tableware has been used in the country for 40 years, and it has proved harmless after being used by billions of people. Therefore, judging from the history of the use of melamine tableware, it is completely safe for me to choose and use.
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The non-toxicity and safety of melamine tableware is one of the reasons for its popularity around the world. At the same time, melamine plastic itself is colorless and transparent, non-toxic and odorless, with high hardness, scratch resistance, high gloss and bright color. , Can be used in 150 degree environment, good toughness, not easy to break,

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