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Melamine Machine From Shunhao Mould

QuanZhou ShunHao Melamine Moulds Co.,Ltd , As the professional manufacturer of quality mould and machine for variety of melamine tableware
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My company specializes in producing, melamine tableware molding machine, toilet lid molding machine, twist buckle and switch and lamp molding machine, the use of advanced production technology and technology in Taiwan, high-grade castings and imports from Japan, Germany and Taiwan high-quality circuits and Oil accessories to ensure the durability of the machine, strong, low failure rate.
Melamine Machine

1:Stable vertical pressuere,the air release frequence is up to 99times at most,pressing time and air release time can be freely set and adjusted,the air releasing distance can be freely set
2:Pressing circulation system model is also available under customers requirements,closing&opening of mold in the beginning is operated at low speed,then synchronize with high speed mold clamping and returning,it is not only protect the molds but also save time
3:Easy and automatic operation,without noise
4:suitable to be used in the molding operation of urea and rubber,melamine
compression molding machine manufacturers

Casting Paul 3years
Oil circuit and circuit system for 1 year
And to provide good and professional after-sales service, the general problems can be solved through the exchange of the Internet.

Machine operation and Trouble shooting
1. Security codes:
A. During operation of the machine except when necessary, should try not to develop a hand as an
aid operation.
B. Memorize the position of the emergency stop switch.
C. The worker should wear short-sleeved or sleeveless tight clothes, especially avoid wide sleeves
dragon costumes.
D. If necessary view, should be first stop and then view.
E. Troubleshooting should be an expert or technician whom.
F. Keep the surrounding environment clean, traces of oil in particular should prevent any
inadvertent from ground.
G. In case when a large number of oil spill stains the ground, first wiped with a lot of grease, then
the ground can be slippery layer of sawdust or salt, lime to prevent slippery.
china melamine salad bowls manufacturer
2:Eletric circuit troubleshooting:
The company uses 1-on-1 circuit wiring methods, namely electrical box microcomputer
input signal and the output signal has its own name, and have their own features and lights,
so just check each respective signal lights in the trigger, whether lighting, electrical
components to confirm whether it is normal or damaged, the following example:
Input signal:
1. Press “MOTOR START”, then No.4 light upper line of PLC should work; If not light,then check whether it is under Manual way or the button is damaged or broken off wire;
2. Take a iron bar before (Rising limited) approching switch, then No.17 light of PLC,should work; If not light, change the approching swtich or check the X17 wire broken off.Input signal: PLC output, because of its lower resistance - current, first start the relay,and then use relay to start hydraulic valves or eletromagnetic contactor.
Note: PLC lower part is LX voltage (relay coil is DC24V), R on the relay,board and Y0-Y12 isAC220V, DO NOT connect “COM” with Y0-Y12.
3. MACHINE OPERATION:This machine is fully automatic operation (AUTO), “MANUAL” only use for placing molds or
mold testing or other special cases. Hereby method of operation as below:
A. Manual operation ( Mold trial or placing molds using):Select the switch under Manual position, the cylinder ascend or descend manually, to meet the,manual or adjustment requirement.
B.Auto operation ( Normal productin using):Select the switch under AUTO position, this machine will be operated automatically.

Spec SHM-150T SHM-200T SHM-250T SHM-300T
Clamping Force-Ton 150 200 250 300
Plate Size-mm 660*620 680*660/720*720 720*720 900*860
Cylinder Diameter-mm 315 368 400 450
Stroke-mm 480 550 550 560
Daylight-mm 1000 1085 1085 1095
Pump Pressuer-kg/cm3 210 210 210 210
Motor-hp 7.5 10 10 15
Heater Capacity-kw 17.1 17.1 18.6 21.6
Oil Reservoir Capacity-gallon 100 100 120 200
Machine Size-L*W*H(MM) 2480*1250*3050 2500*1250*3050 2600*1350*3050 2850*1400*3080
Net Weight Approx-kgS 5500 5000/6000 6300 8000

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