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Auto Melamine Tableware Compression Machine

This machine is suitable for all kinds of melamine moulding compound and urea moulding compound,such as melamine plate ,melamine bowl,melamine tray.
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Full Auto Melamine Tableware Compress Machine-TAIWAN Technology
1:Stable vertical pressuere,the air release frequence is up to 99times at most,pressing time and air release time can be freely set and adjusted,the air releasing distance can be freely set
2:Pressing circulation system model is also available under customers requirements,closing&opening of mold in the beginning is operated at low speed,then synchronize with high speed mold clamping and returning,it is not only protect the molds but also save time
3:Easy and automatic operation,without noise
4:suitable to be used in the molding operation of urea and rubber,melamine
Melamine Crockery Compress
we supply 1stop service for melamine tableware factory 
1:Mixing Glazing                                                           2:Decal paper dryer
Melamine Dinnerware CompressMelamine Tableware Compress

4:Compression                                                                 3:Decal paper cutting                                                                             Melamine Tableware Compress:Melamine Tableware Press 
4:QC ON LINE                                                                        

Melamine Tableware Moulding       Melamine Crockery Compress

 Melamine Crockery Compression           Melamine Crockery Pressing Machine     
6:CLEAN PRODUCTS                                                    7:QC CLEAN
Melamine Crockery Compress Machine Melamine Tableware Compress Machine

8:FINAL QC                                                                    9:FINISH PRODUCTS
Melamine Dinnerware Compress Machine Melamine Compress Machine
10:PACKAGE                                                                 11:WAREHOURSE
Melamine Dinnerware Compress Machine  Melamine Dinnerware Compression Machine

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